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How to get past those dublits in Friday’s Dungeon

 If you’re new to the game, you may think you have to wait until forever to beat Expert Wednesday and Friday dungeons.

Luckily, I’m here to tell you that’s not true.  I may be rank 92, but I was able to beat this dungeon as soon as I had 25 Stamina.

I recently got a new iPad (thanks to my wife) and started a new PAD account.  The very first week, I was able to defeat the Friday expert level.  It isn’t so much about breaking their defense as it is about orb placement.

Things to note about the Friday Expert Dungeon

Floor 1 Always has 5 Lits

Floor 4 Always has 3 Dub-lits

Floor 5 Always has 2 Dub-lits and 1 Dubmythlit

There is a potential for a single Dubmythlit to invade and it will always drop.

Dubllits attack for 6666 while  the Dub Mythlit attacks for 7777

Way to win #1: High Combo

In this dungeon, I’m running a Kirin and Kushinadhime team.  This means that if I match the proper colors and get about a 5-7 combo, I will be able to break the defense for anything on this level.  Remember that colors matter.  If I match 2 greens and get a x5 combo, there’s a good chance I can defeat the Blue Dublit in this example below.

This team also has a lot of stallers.  Sun Quan delays two turns, Echidna three, and Okunushi one turn.  If I mess up, or just can’t trigger the right combos, I can always delay for more time.  They are all skill level 1, so I have to stall quite a bit if I want to use these actives before Floor 5.


Method 2: Hit them all

The best way to defeat 3 Dublits is to hit them all at once.  In the early stages of the game, you can take a hit from 1 dublit, but if they are all on the same turn,  or even two at once (it would take 3 with the team I have below) then you could hit the game over screen without being careful.

The best method is to go for 5 orb combos with colors you have a lot of.  Green is the best in this example because I have Kushinadahime with 2, and Liu Bei with 1, meaning I hit all three for 3 points.  Since they don’t have much HP, a few ALL hits will win.

Make sure to focus on any dublits that are synced up.  This way, all the other damage from Red, Yellow, Blue, and Purple can focus that one down, while the green ALL hits the rest.e


All the methods above work for Wednesday’s Masks as well.  It’s not so much about pure power as it is skill of knowing when to attack and which orbs to get to.

This example is taken from the Technical dungeon where Leader Skills are not allowed.  These masks are on Floor 6 of each dungeon.  As you can see, this team has less than 9999 HP, so I will l lose if I take one hit.  I focus on hitting ALLs with the colors I have the most of to take them down.  Here I get mostly purples and reds.
  Then I shift focus on the one that will hit me first.  Once the middle mask will be defeated to an ALL hit, I swap the target to the right mask to start widdling him down as well.  The ALL will finish off the middle mask so no need to worry there.      Now an ALL will finish the right mask, so I switch to the left.  

If all else fails, Poison or Shiva them!

There are two types of poison, poison and mortally poison.  Regular poison (Lilith for example) attack the enemy for 1 times their attack.  So if you are fighting a Super Emerald Dragon, and your Lilith has an attack of 600, you will deal 600 damage every turn.  Much slower than Mortally Poisoning them.

Mortally poison deals 10 times the damage of your attack (Red Odin, Neptune, The Blue Angry Bird) so if your Red Odin has an attack of 1000, you will deal 10,000 each turn.  This will one shot any masks, dublits, or super Dragons.

Shiva and the Droiddragon also have cool abilities that bring a monster’s defense down to 0 for that turn.  If you clear the floor, the next round keeps the skill in place so all monsters will continue to have 0 defense. Beware, if you’re in a legend or mythical dungeon, these monsters are more likely to have a pre-emptive attack and this will get rid of your skill.  Definitely a good skill for to have for Super Dragon Dungeons.

Next week, I will do an example for each Mythical daily dungeon for ways to beat them.  They require dedication and good skilled up monsters for the best of ease, but if you enjoy this game as much as I do, you will put in the time to master these.  It’s better than taking your chances on the Pal Egg during special events for that Devilit you need.

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