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With my new availability, I am able to record more videos and, more specifically, box reviews!  I know a ton of my audience has really loved the ideas of Box Reviews as it gives me a fantastic chance of interacting with users one on one.

That being said, the biggest problem I’ve had with Box Reviews is repeating myself.  Through no fault of my fabulous fans, I have found myself repeating team ideas, but slightly changing the idea around based on what subs are available with that user’s box.

For users who send me a box review request, I believe if there is a written resource it will be easier for me to identify their key leaders, and most usable subs, and then point them in the direction of previous Box Reviews that they could review further (with more insights from me).  I feel that having to edit a video or search through my past videos can be tough and time consuming for myself and users, so I’d like to make a more streamlined method to box reviews, while still responding to all my fans.

What I don’t want my Box Reviews to be are a list of every possible sub you could use, but if you are looking for that, MantasticPAD is the best resource out there.  Instead, I’d prefer my box reviews to be used as a resource for those who are actively looking for help with their team, but struggle to match who is in their box to the vast resource of subs they COULD use.  I believe most people who ask me for help are more specifically looking for hands on help to identify who is available.

Box Review for Jelly

To give some context for this review, it was really more of a request for guidance on where to hunt to build towards end game. I think that this is the perfect way to start off my written box reviews.

Here’s the Status of the Account.

I’m Rank 115, with 5.1m coins. I’m at the Tower to the Sky for Normal dungeons, and the Temple of Trailokya in Technical. Neither of these are a struggle. I’ve been focusing on ranking, leveling cards, and doing what’s needed for the Degree of Difficulty quests (Novice and Int done).

My Friend list is at 50

Monster Box is at 165.

Current Box – Not Listed

Jelly’s Current Team:

2711 Sherias, L.94, +93, 5 Awakenings

133 Hino Kagutsuchi, L99, +61, 0 Awakenings

2146 Kaede, L94, +63, 4 Awakenings

1337 Ganesha, L95, +61, 0 Awakenings

321 Keeper of Rainbow – the only dark damager I’ve ever had


My only other card from the previous Godfest is

1234 Sun Quan, L60, +60, 0 Awakenings

My deeply regretted ex-Godfest REM rolls are:

2415 Antares, L50

557 Hatsume no Tsubone, L30, +1

2921 Yang Guifei, L5

1620 Rei Sirius, L6


I have 206k Monster Points, with 190k more on the way this month.


Let’s break everything down and talk about:

General Overview

I believe that you are in the stage of the game where your teams may definitely seem incomplete, and it’s totally okay to feel this way.  Luckily for me, I played PAD when it was acceptable to sacrifice cards that don’t match any possible typing on your team, just for the benefit they bring to the game (I used Echidna, a lot!).

Nowadays, you can still go for an echidna and it will still work on any team like it did before, but there honestly aren’t a ton of monsters that allow you to delay them where you would just be able to beat them right away anyway.  She is still useful for old enemies who don’t put up a shield right away such as Zhou Yu.  Most of the new bosses, however, prevent status shields and Echidna would be situational at best.

My general advice before going into further depth would be to focus on clearing the dungeons you can for the evo materials for the monsters to evolve below.


Sherias is a fun way to play the rainbow style, while still incorporating row based subs (even though he has none himself).  Honestly, I have always found his leaderskill weird because you need 7 orbs to get the second half of his leader skill, but that would mean you would need 8 orbs to get a row and fully activate his skill.   That makes it tough to get the other aspects of his leaderskill with the rainbow orbs (even though you only need 2 other colors).  Plus, many times you will want to heal so effectively a leader like sherias requires more combos which can be tough for newer players.  Adding a row of waters to this damage doesn’t make it any easier.

The fact that you can control damage is nice as you can active just half of his leader skill with either 3 matches, or 8 water orbs.  His leaderskill will scale up to 7.5x however which is pretty strong, it just requires a lot.

A fun leader to pair with that some people may or may not have since he was just released would be Golden Bell Marauder, Gan Ning.  This card creates a 7×6 board which would alleviate the issue of having to get 8 water orbs.  Now you would just need to get a row and you’re set!  He even creates water orbs, but has TPAs instead of rows.

Other notable subs would be to have anyone with many water rows when looking at awakenings (I will add to this list over time).  You will want their sub attributes to be a color that helps attribute to the rainbow aspect of this team.

I believe the subs that you currently have do not help in any way by creating orbs you need to pull off the leaderskill, nor do they have awakenings that help out.

Thoughts on Other Leaders and Your Regretted Pulls

1234 Sun Quan, L60, +60, 0 Awakenings

Sun Quan is a great lead and you should pair him with Awoken Hermes friends once you awaken your Sun Quan.  This will give an HP and RCV boost to everyone that is water type and a nicely balanced team.

Just like your Sherias, I would use subs that have multiple blue rows.  Cards to look for would be:

Andromeda, Awoken Isis, Awoken Karin, Hatsume no Tsubone


2415 Antares, L50

I think Antares is great, and I would love to use her (him?) on my Barbara team, but that team just needs more help.  Antares herself (himself?) is great for fire teams and I would definitely hold onto.  This is a great pull that can benefit you in the future, or you can use him (her?) as a leader now, but you’ll want more subs.  If you do use her (him?) I would use Hino as a sub.  You can go for the God Killer version or the other Antares ultimate, depending on whether you want more or less damage control with God Killer, but I think God Killer would be more beneficial at your rank.

557 Hatsume no Tsubone, L30, +1

I would use her as a sub for either Sherias or Sun Quan since she is a quick water orb creator.  I love that she has a 60% chance to block jammers (which also blocks the new bombs mechanic) and her double killers provide a ton of extra damage for your water team.

2921 Yang Guifei, L5

Yang is a perfect sub for Awoken Sakuya, and even better now that Sakuya is getting a reincarnated version.  Only creating 4 orbs means you can get more combos and more focused damage on the colors you have to choose from.  She has a new awakening that allows you to get a damage boost when your team gets 7 combos, but that is only for Japan right now.  It could come to Yang in the future.

You can use Yang as a better sub than anyone on your Sherias team.  Because she only makes 4 colors, there’s a chance you’ll get enough blues, but if you pair with Gan Ning above, you can use his skill to correct the board if you only get 3 blues (though I doubt the probability of that if you have a 7×6 board with Yang’s active.  All in all a great card that can see more plays in your current play style.

1620 Rei Sirius, L6

Rei Sirius is an interesting card that seems to get better and better, and yet no one uses him (myself included).  He is now unbindable, has God and attacker killer, and 2 TPAs.  I always used to use him on my Athena team when that was a great leader to use, but he is still an outstanding sub to use for any light team.  Now that he is unbindable, you can inherit any skill, such as light metatron for the light stat boost, and you have a very strong unbindable card.

What monster to go towards with Monster Points

Without having a very developed box, it’s hard to justify getting an MP monster.  That being said, you essentially got all of your MP as a gift from Gung-Ho and I always like to think of it as MP you didn’t have before.  What’s the shame if you wasted it on something now you might not want later?

I intend to create more posts that will focus on MP monsters, but you could not go wrong with Ragnarok Dragon or even Odin Dragon.  5 months ago I would have been attacked for saying to get Odin dragon, but he has amazing RCV, tons of autoheals, and now 2 ultimate evolutions that allow him to be an extremely strong leader.

At the rank you are now, you wouldn’t be able to fully get a benefit from any of the MP dragons as their cost is way too high and their ultimate evolutions are far from reach right now.  That being said, Ragnarok Dragon would be a good sub who covers wood and dark for your rainbow teams so you can replace Keeper of the Rainbow, but Ragnarok will fit on almost any rainbow team and can also be his own leader if you have many machine types.

Dark Athena and Yomidra are going to require a lot of dark subs, which you are still working on, so I wouldn’t go for these two just yet.  If you don’t go for Ragnarok Dragon (you may not be able to evolve him for awhile) then I would just save your MP for now until your box is more developed.  You can make a decision at that time as it is not going to benefit you now because of your low cost and lack of evo materials for most of the MP dragons right now.

I would also wait because who knows what will happen with the Four Gentlemen series.  With all these ultimate evolutions they may get one soon.

Which GodFests to Focus on

The fact that you have a Keeper of the Rainbow on your main team backs up the fact that you are in desperate need of dark monsters.  My best advice is to pull during GodFests that have Dark Galas in conjunction with them.  Shoot for the Moon and even if you don’t get it (6 star God Fest Exclusives) you may still end up among stars (decent dark monsters).

At this point, I don’t see any particular GodFest hurting your chances of adding to team value.  There are any cards that can help you out and put you in a new direction.  For example, if you suddenly pulled a lot of fire monsters, you could just improve an Antares team.  You never know who you’ll pull!

I hope this helps Jelly but also helps out tons of other players out there who enjoy reading this content, or who are just looking for new ideas and something from this review resonated with their box and made them think of something that they didn’t before!

Keep on Puzzlin’


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2 thoughts on “Box Reviews: The Return

  1. PADRagnarok!

    Written box reviews sounds like the smart way to go, makes it an easier-to-access resource.

    Thanks so much for the guidance. The rest of the Monster Box is irrelevant – filled with evo materials, pengdras, and metal dragons, so your choice of farmable subs to chase is ideal.

    After looking a bit more into MP options, I quickly realized that whatever I bought would be useless to me without any viable subs, so I figured I’d wait until the REM gave me a good team in need of an appropriate MP leader. Glad you suggested the same thing.

    So, to make sure I understand:

    I’ll work towards improving sub selections for Sherias (rainbow) or Sun Quan (water). For the Sherias subs, Hatsume needs some development, I need to evolve to Awoken Sun Quan, which requires some help. Will look into Discord, I’ve never heard of that.

    From your YouTube vid, it seems like Coloring Book Kali comes from the PAL machine? Is that during a special festival? And then the vampire – looks like PADx has some dungeons I can run for a lower form of him to evolve. And before he’s ready, he can at least replace my ridiculous Keeper.

    Along the way, if the REM gives me a concentration of fire or water cards, then Antares or Sun Quan becomes an option for leader. I suppose the same goes for that day when the REM drops the ideal Kaede team for me, too. Not holding my breath.

    Thanks again!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Yes kali is part of the Gung-ho pal egg event. She’s rare but obtainable and works great for sherias.

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