Beating Tuesday Mythical: Keeper of the Gold

defeating tuesday mythical

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How to Defeat Keeper of the Gold | The Seemingly Impossible Tuesday Mythical

This dungeon was the last weekday mythical that I was able to complete.  I first did it with a Beelzebub/Ronia devil team.  The hardest part about this is the boss who absorbs dark attacks for 3 turns.  He will attack you twice and then unleash a deathblow, so with only 6 turns to begin with, 3 makes it very hard.  Even a ronia + lu bu attack, he may not be killed in one hit because he has 7 million HP, the highest non challenge dungeon monster there is.

Instead of including a devil team below, I have opted for the brand new Awoken Ra team.  If you don’t have this yet, you can still complete this dungeon with times 5 or higher leaders including:

Light Kali

Dark Kali

Umisachi and Yamasachi


Incarnation of Suzaki, Kirin

Ra (now times 8.  He may make this dungeon even easier, but It was hard to pass up times 100)

The Team

I have included the following team:

Awoken Ra (1 skill up)

Kushinadahime (max skilled)

Odin (5 skill ups)

Karin (max skilled)

Indra (max skilled)

Awoken Ra (max skilled)

The max skills are important only because of the leader skill Ra has.  Times 2 for Gods every time a skill is used results in a times 100 attack (5 X5 X 2 X 2) which STILL won’t one shot this boss unless you get over 12 combos.  This means having quick skills, no matter what they are, will help beat anyone in this dungeon.  Karin isn’t a good skill to use for double Awoken Ra, but she is good because she has a dark sub.  This means that dark is my weakest attack and I can still deal a decent amount of damage to the Keeper of the Gold while he absorbs dark.  This makes it easier to finish him off later.

2015-07-21 08.29.582015-07-21 08.30.23

Each floor starts with a different colored keeper who hits you with a surprise attack.  The first three floors are for 8000, but floor 5 and 6 are for 16000.  Make sure to keep your HP high when you defeat them.

Also important is to not get them below 25% and have them attack or they will defeat you (with this team).  The attack is too strong without activating Kushinadahime or Indra.

2015-07-21 08.30.43


I already have many skills up in case of any mistakes, but it’s important to save these for harder battles. If you aren’t able to match 5 different colors yet, I recommend not playing this dungeon yet.

2015-07-21 08.43.12


One of the most important parts of a double awoken Ra team (or any of the 5 times leaders) is to get rid of the colors you don’t need when waiting.  Since each keeper has 3 turns, you can waste 1-2 turns before they attack.  With this team, you want to eliminate the hearts so there is a higher chance you have all 5 colors.

2015-07-21 08.43.41

Perfect!  Now all the colors are present and we can take him out easily.

2015-07-21 08.43.54


There are a lot of hearts here, which is good to heal before the next floor’s surprise attack.

2015-07-21 08.44.41


Now we can take him out!

2015-07-21 08.44.49


Only 6 combos are needed for most of these guys.

2015-07-21 08.45.59


We didn’t get a rainbow keeper invade, but that would give you more turns to defeat without the surprise attack.  Not a huge difference.2015-07-21 08.47.03


He has activated his purple absorb.

2015-07-21 08.47.36 2015-07-21 08.48.04 2015-07-21 08.49.32


Continue trying to get all five colors.  I recommend saving the skills for after the Tamadra Shield runs out, but this depends how many purple cards you have.  I used odin’s skill to get times 100 and it brought him down below the halfway (wow that’s a lot of HP!)

2015-07-21 08.49.59

This should do it, we have all the colors we need.  Activate either Ra for more time and it should be easy. 2015-07-21 08.50.12



2015-07-21 08.50.58

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