Beating Thursday Mythical: How to Defeat the TriFruits

defeating thursday mythical

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How to Defeat TriFruits | Mythical

Check out my short video for how to defeat this dungeon.  It doesn’t follow the written guide below, but it has the same ideas and you get to see it in action!

The main idea behind this team is to use a highly skilled Gigas or Vampire.  To skill up Gigas, play fire dungeons like Tower of Flare for a low stamina dungeon that drops Red Goblins that are already evolved.  These will skill up automatically.  To skill up your Vampire, run the first Purple dungeon before Tower of Trials and you will find the Purple Baddies and purple spirits to evolve them.  Once these two are max skilled, you can take on this dungon (echidna doesn’t hurt either)

The Teams to Use

The best teams I’ve found have leaders the multiply devils (ronia, beelzebub, lu bu, Belial) or red attributes (ame no Uzume, Shiva, Urd).  These will complement your fast turned gigas and vampires.

Basic Ideas

Floor 1-  you need to defeat all the little guys and kill the dragon fruit in less than 3 turns.

Floor 2 – don’t let them attack you (they may bind whip, but it’s not 100% shot.  Better to defeat them)

Floor 3 – Same methods as Mythical Friday, defeat the two on the outside and focus down tamada, stalling for skills as needed

Floor 4 – Unleash all skills and multipliers

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Floor 1 – 4 Dragon seeds and 1 Dragon Fruit

Focus down on the Dragon Seeds.  You have Gigas or Vampire ready if there aren’t enough purple or red orbs.  You have less time from the preemptive of the dragon fruit.  Try to match 5 reds and just a few combos.  This will allow you to waste a turn and possibly charge more skills before round 2.

2015-07-09 08.52.03

With just the Dragon Fruit, now we can stall 1 more turn and eliminate non red or purple orbs.2015-07-09 08.52.16 2015-07-09 08.52.27 2015-07-09 08.52.41

Floor 2 – 4 Dragon Plants.

Now we want to focus on the turn 1 monsters.  A 5 Red should kill them just as easily as floor 1.  They will one hit you if given the chance.  Hopefully they bind whip you if they get the chance to attack.  This has saved me many times before.

2015-07-09 08.52.53

Floor 3 – 1 Dragon Flower, 1 Baby Tamadra, 1 Dragon Fruit

Focus down either the flower or Fruit, either will kill you in one hit if given the chance.  The tamadra should be stalled on it you need to.  Most likely you will have 1-3 subs bound when you defeat the outer monsters.  I Echidna’d just so the tamadra couldn’t bind anyone and take away my ability to change orbs.  I can stall on the Tamadra if I need Echidna for the Boss.

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Stall, Stall, Stall

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Floor 4 – The TriFruits

If you are trying to skill up the Norns or Sonias, this will be frustrating unless you get all three.  The reason is because only one can drop.  If this dungeon is easy (hopefully from this guide it is) then keep tackling it and attempting skill ups.  I wish you luck!

So the Red and Blue trifruits prevent statuses while the Green sleeps until you attack it.  If you don’t have Ronia, then you will want to change orbs another way and focus on the left two, without attacking all.  If you attack all the Green will wake up and you will need Echidna to delay.  If you have your orb changers and focus down with 5-7 combos, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty.  Go for Rows if you have Shiva and Ame for an easier victory.

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