Beating Friday Mythical: Devilit and Angelits Defeated

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How to Defeat Friday Mythical

This is arguably the hardest dungeon of the weekdays.  The main thing that makes it hard is is the frustration.  Having a very strong team doesn’t mean much here except on floor 4.

What Teams should you use?

For this guide, I used my new Double Awoken Ra team (because I love it) but I recommend either a strong Devil team, or high multiplier team.  There are too many colors to use a resist/attack team like Awoken Minerva or Awoken Hades.

The main idea is to have a poisoner with you and a delayer to be able to rack up as many turns as possible.

To defeat the Boss bring along Echidna and 1-3 Zeus/Heras.  These will be used to gravity the bosses down if you aren’t great at comboing.  You will then have 4 turns (5 if you defeat only one) to defeat this boss.

The main goal is to go slow and make sure to follow the ideas in this guide.  It is not about pure strength, but rather finess.  If you need a refresher on how to attack high defense monsters, check out this page for your prep.

Guide at a Glance

Floor 1 – 7 Spirits

While not too difficult, if you defeat them too fast, floor 2 has a high chance of defeating you.  Delay and all colors may be bound

Floor 2 – 3 Dublits

Poison or extremely high attack needed

Floor 3 – 2 DubMythlits and Baby Tamadra

High defenses and constant binds

Floor 4 – Angelit and Devilit

Deal combined 30,000 on most turns unless changing orbs to poison/hearts

The Guide

Floor 1 – 7 Spirits

Very easy to kill right away, but be cautious.  You want to have your ra or poisoner ready for floor 2.  You will be facing off against 3 dublits who take off 30,000 damage.  Better to kill them quickly.  With this team, I have Ra ready by turn two, but if not, you will want to stall.  Focus on a mythlit and get about 5-6 combos (depending on the team you use).  Not enough damage to kill them all. If you’re lucky, you will leave 1 mythlit and wipe out the rest.  Now you can stall until you have a poison needed for floor 2.

2015-07-24 11.40.43

Because of the team I have, there are liberties I can take.  I just wipe them out.  Don’t rush through if your team doesn’t allow it.

2015-07-24 11.40.57

Floor 2 – 3 dublits

Make sure to have poison or Ra on this floor.  Stall as much as possible (usually 1-2 turns if they start at move 3) so you can charge appropriate skills.

Floor 3

This is the main floor to stall.  If your strategy is the gravity Floor 4 with Zeus and Hera, then you will need to stall on this floor.  Focus on one dublit, then another until they are gone.  They attack for 60,000 so you need to take them out.  Be careful not to get too many guys bound by the baby tamadra.  too many binds mean you won’t have enough colors to take out the dublits.

Once just the Tamadra is left, stall until you have the skills needed.

2015-07-24 11.41.57

Because I am using Ra, I need to only use a skill and match 5 colors to win (times 100).   Ronia + Lu Bu will one shot them as well.

If you are using another team, I recommend bringing Echidna and Zeus and using a few rounds.  If you focus down one, the other will power up, resulting in 1 hit KO’s.  Like the Mythical Masks, you will want to defeat them at the same time or 1 turn later.  Their defense isn’t exceptionally high like the other levels.  I recommend this if you aren’t too great at comboing.

Focus down one (keeping color in mind for the double attack bonus) and match high combos and you will bring them down.  Only attempt this method if you can consistently make 6-7 combos.

2015-07-24 11.43.50

I happen to be able to one shot them, but this doesn’t mean you have to.  Echidna and Zeus make this dungeon easy too.

2015-07-24 11.45.55

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