What Aspects of Team Building/Enhancing Should You Focus On First?

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When it comes to approaching dungeons in this game, somethings I see a lot of people asking about are:

What is the perfect team for X

Is my team ready for X dungeon

What latents do I need for this team

What are the best assists

The problem here occurs when users focus so heavily on the end results of the team, they forget about playing the game and experimenting.  They wonder what the best possible team is so much that it inhibits their ability to focus on trying things out on their own until everything is perfect.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter if your team is perfect or not to take on high end dungeons.

Sure it helps with consistency, and there’s a reason Reincarnated Kushinadahime with 3 Hakus and 1 Reine is the perfect team.  But if you don’t believe you can take on Ultimate Arena 2, a less difficult dungeon, just because you are missing a few dragon killer awakenings for the perfect team, then you are letting the idea of the perfect team hold you back.

Puzzle and Dragons offers so much in terms of creativity and diversity of your team building.  I have an article I published showing the basics of team building, but today I wanted to focus on the order you should be approaching when maximizing your teams.

The ideas to consider when building out your perfect team should be:

Max level all your monsters

Max evolve everyone

Max awaken everyone

Max skill them all

297 All of Your Monsters

Add relevant assists

Add relevant (if possible) latent Tamadras

297 your Assisted Monsters for Extra Stats

Everything in the list above should be taken care of in this order.  Of course there will be times when you can max skill someone before you have the dungeon needed to max level them, or you just have a bunch of pys laying around.  However, I put everything in a certain order in this article to help give guidance to newer players who haven’t attempted harder dungeons like Ultimate Arena yet.

I understand that sometimes you don’t have enough pys to max skill someone, or you’re lacking proper latents.  Everybody’s situation is different, but when I see someone asking about the best latents and they have a level 40, non max skilled Haku, it makes it hard for me to pass advice on.  I don’t believe double Dragon Killer Latent Awakenings will helps someone clear Ultimate Arena 3 if they don’t have a max skilled Haku.

1. Max Level all your Monsters/Dragons/Waifus

It is very important to max level your monsters first and foremost.  Every card gets a tremendous stat boost from level 1 compared to level 99.  Some monsters, like Reincarnated Susano, do not reach their full potential (for RCV) until they are max leveled.  This means that instead of each level giving the same amount of stats, Susano gains more RCV from the later levels than he does the earlier levels.  This turns a linear graph into a more exponential graph like below:

susano late bloomer

By focusing on max leveling your monsters, you will have more HP, Attack, and RCV to work with.  If you’re doing a dungeon and wondering why you aren’t doing enough damage, it’s possible your cards aren’t max leveled just yet.

I know that when I was running Colosseum the other day, I wondered why I was barely hurting some of my enemies.  This is a dungeon where you start off at level 1 (similar to Zaerog Infinity and other Rogue dungeons) and you don’t achieve max stats until later in the dungeon, if at all.  (Leveling up within dungeons is dependent upon the rarity of the monster itself).

It is this same feeling that might leave newer players wondering why they are unable to do much damage to the enemy.  This is why I tell all players to focus on max leveling your cards first.  However, some monsters are stuck at level 50 until you…

2. Max Evolve Them

Evolving your monsters opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  New awakenings, sometimes different skills (such as awoken forms) an in just about every instance, higher stats.

When you evolve a monster, you will need to continue leveling it up in most cases (some you can evolve or ultimate evolve at any time and they might already be at level 99.  The average monster has a max level of 50 until you evolve them, then they go up to 99 levels, getting more HP, Attack, and RCV along the way.

Sometimes you’re stuck at a crossroads in which evolution you may need.  The common ideaology when dealing with either split ultimates or reincarnated evolutions is to go towards awoken (which must be created to achieve reincarnated for most monsters who have it).  If a monster doesn’t have a reincarnated form and you’re unsure, in general you want to create the awoken form so you can one day have a reincarnated monster.

Stats aren’t the only thing to look at when evolving.  Look at the skill to see if it resets (as many awoken forms do) and look at the awakenings to see if they change the dynamic of the teams you use that monster on.

Max evolving your monsters gains access to more awakenings which leads us to…

3. Max Awaken Them: Every Skill Boost Counts

Awakenings weren’t always part of the game and sometimes we take them for granted.  I loved the challenge 10 where we were stuck with an old Zeus/Zeus team with no awakenings.  Stalling 25 turns for that Orochi skill to delay the enemy was brutal.

Awakenings do a ton of different things, such as boosting damage for that card, the entire team, or blocking annoying mechanics like skill binds.

Skill boosts are a great awakenings that you don’t have if you are missing tamadras for a tough dungeon.  They can help ensure you have your skills ready by turn 1 of a dungeon in case you get orb trolled and don’t have the color you need right away.

Sometimes even having a ton of skill boosts won’t allow your cards to be active on the first turn which brings us to…

4. Max Skill Them: Every Skill is Critical in Tougher Dungeons

In my opinion, not much is more valuable than max skilling a monster.  Some have skill ups that bring them down a few turns in their active skill’s cooldown, while some are much more.  Imagine trying to use ZeusHera for their 45% gravity more than once in a dungeon if you don’t skill them up.  38 turns is ridiculously long (and it’s doubled if they’re your sub on a coop team).  When max skilled they are much easier to achieve with 23 turns.

You won’t need a 45% gravity too often, but for more realistic teams these days, Dark Athena requires Haku.  Haku has a  cooldown of 13 turns, but when max skilled she has 9.  This is only 4 turns, but when running dungeons like Ultimate Arena 3, you want that Haku ready again as quick as possible and every turn counts.

To touch back on point 2 of evolving your monsters, don’t worry about max skilling a monster like Haku before her awoken form because her skill changes. If you’re worried about the wasted time you spend max skilling Haku back in the day with Chasers, you don’t want to keep that holding you back from evolving this powerful monster.

Skill ups are easier than ever now that you can run Ultimate Arena 1 at half stamina in coop.  There are some players who can help you out and more consistently clear this dungeon with you if you’re not quite there yet yourself.

You can also use King Tans and farm the skill ups you may need, such as Mori Motonari and his adorable farmable shiba skill up fodder.  Put 4 of these suckers into Mori with a Blue Kingtan and you’ve got yourself 4 skill ups that didn’t require a clear of ultimate arena 1.

Even by having max level monsters and  the best and quickest cooldown on your skills, you might not have enough damage, which brings us to…

5. 297 All of Your Monsters with Plusses

To get that little extra umph, put plusses into your monsters.

You can only max out at 99 for each stat (HP, Attack, and RCV) but you do have a warning in the game now if you’re about to accidentally overfeed in any stat area.

Plusses are extremely easy these days to get as you can farm star treasure thieves den with a ton of people quickly on discord.  If you can coop with others and jump into rooms with people who have it when you don’t, you can get even more pout of it.  At 10 plusses per 25 stamina in coop, this is the second best way to go.

The best, stamina free way to get plusses is the pal egg machine when the gung-gho event is going on.  If you time your pulls with the announcement of this event, you can pull tons of times and get 15 plusses per pull.  Use your best friends every day if you want to get extra pal points during this time.  You can also save any pal point rewards from challenges to use at this time.

297’ing your monsters can definitely add some nice stats, but to go even further beyond…

6. Add Relevant Assists to Everyone

Assists will help you if you don’t have latent awakenings like skill delay resists because you will still be able to have your main skill if you are delayed.

I have also used assists to my advantage in Ultimate Arena 3 with Hephaestus Dragon because he delays you for 15 turns. You can only put up to 5 natural skill delay resist latent awakenings (6 if you have an extra 297 fodder laying around and an extra latent Tamadra to use).  But assists allow you to put a monster with at least 15 turns of a cooldown and still have your primary monster’s skill ready to be used.

Assists also boost your stats slightly (10% HP, 5% attack, 3% rcv) if you match the same main color attribute when assisting.  This extra hp/attack/rcv can be multiplied by your leaderskill to compound even further.  For example, an extra 900 hp is multiplied by the x2 or more your leaderskill may give.  This is why I love hp/rcv leaders and same attribute assists.

Assists also add value to a team where the monster itself isn’t able to fit due to attributes or typing, but the skill works well.  I like inheriting someone like Ryune on my Reincarnated Haku, or Cecil on my Pandora.  Both of these monsters add a full board change to a monster where they may not be able to be on the team.  Ryune being a blue main attribute will not be as good on a Dark Athena team, but her skill is amazing as it makes both colors you need and hearts to heal at the same time.

Those assists can save your life, but if you have all of the above, then you can focus on…

7. Worring About Latent Tamadras

This is where the basis of this article began.  I noticed that someone was asking about the perfect latents to add to a team before they even attempted Ultimate Arena 3.  It makes sense to say that you tried the dungeon and something went wrong so then you’re asking for advice.  However, when it comes to latent Tamdras, it’s important that they are great in certain instances, but for the most part, you will not need them in regular dungeon play.

Latent Tamadras offer a really nice stat boost that might be missing from your teams.  There are 8 killer latent awakenings and they each act as a TPA against whichever type enemy you are facing.  It can act as if you have kill awakenings if you have 1-2 killer latents.

However, I am of the stance that these killer awakenings are often overkill.  They are extremely situational such as Haku’s Dragon Killers against the Radar Dragons or Dark Athena’s physical killers against Ilsix.  Besides these spawns, there aren’t too many enemies a team like Dark Athena will need more  damage against, despite being a x49 leader.

Besides the enhancing damage latent awakenings, you can definitely stack any other latents you have found from your box that are just taking up space.  RCV latents are pretty useless beyond healer types and I only add them to my monsters when I have a bunch laying around.  Just look how weird my Pandora is just from leftover latents.

pandora latent tamadra

These stats add barely anything and they’re only there to get rid of space.  I guess the point is that they’re not the first thing you should be worrying about and they barely add much to the game play.

When it comes to Latent Tamadras, killers are usually needed for specific teams.  Having too many God killers for example will only  give you trouble with Hera Dragon and Sopdet.

The game right now has spiked damage due to damage creep so much that it’s pointless  that killer latents came out when they did.  I believe that these killers are really only for specific farming teams and super REM heavy button teams to achieve the needed damage.

The basics of my argument here is that you should focus on the dungeon itself and just try it.  Maybe a few latents will help out, but if they shouldn’t be holding you back from enjoying the game

8. 297 your Assisted Monsters for Extra Stats

This last one may not be relevant just yet in NA.  I’ll add to this section of the article if someone has more information, but as far as I know, there will be a stat boost if you have a 297 monster added as an assist, giving even more HP, Attack, and RCV for your monster that has an assist of the same attribute than it did before.  If you really have enough time on your hands and want to hypersuperhypermax you team, then you can 297 assist cards to boost your stats further.

Despite all of this ordering of advise, one thing is clear:

Don’t put off your accomplishments in this game because you’re too afraid you don’t have the best team!


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  1. I found a lot of useful tidbits in your tutorial an
    Thanks for it . I’m lost on so many things ,what’s a TPA ,thou can I quickly skill up Esperance feeding them the same monster doesn’t always work .

    1. I hope I can clear up a lot of things. I’m working on a beginners guide to everything you’ll need so hopefully that will help you out.

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