How to Achieve 10 Combos and Deal With Jormungandr Ullr

How to get 10 combos puzzle and dragons

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I have been dealing with a ton of computer issues right now and am unable to completely capture my screen the way I want to be able to upload myself defeating this dungeon.  I will upload that video to YouTube if I get the chance before Sunday, but I didn’t want to wait while I figure out my computer issues since I’d really like to get Jormungandr.  I feel like this dungeon is a testament to the basis of Puzzle and Dragons and what people always love trying to create.

10 combo board pad

While in the interim, I’d like to discuss some ways to approach the floors in the final dungeon.  If you need specific guides on clearing the challenges leading up to this, check out all of Gl1CH3D’s guides.

Floor 1-5

For Floor 3 I wanted to try out my new Oichi.  Getting 7 combos was tough and relied on skyfalls, which Vishnu provided here.


Floor 6 & 7

Here’s a snapshot of the team I used for Floor 7 and Anubis’ 10 combo minimum requirement.

Floor 8

Here is an awesome video clearing Challenge 9 with Meridionalis also to give you a reference how to clear it

Last Floor – No Skyfall Combos / Orb move time 8 sec

Each of these floors are no skyfalls and you must make sure to match light attributes since your team is entirely made of tamadras. In the later levels you have no choice to match lights to continue, but early on you want to remember to match them.

Turn 1 – Must make 5 Combos and match light orbs – Jammers Created

This board is a random board with 14+ orbs changed to jammers. Don’t worry about matching all the odd jammers since jormungandr ullr will give you a dark kali board next automatically. Just get those 5 combos.

Turn 2 – Must make 6 combos and match light orbs – Board is Darkened

Since you only have 8 seconds, precious seconds will be wasted clearing the dark board. Try to notice where any hearts or poisons maybe before moving.

Turn 3 – Must make 7 combos and match light orbs – Cloud on Left Side of Board

This one is where things start to get really tough. Those clouds don’t move like permanent dark orbs, but you can see what is below them by tapping them first.

Turn 4 – Must make 8 combos and match light orbs – Changes Middle Row into Jammers

For this combo you’ll want to make sure to separate the jammers. That combo will not be enough to reach your 8 combo minimum since the rest of the orbs are unequal.

Here’s my solution for this specific board to give you an idea of how to solve it and separated the jammers

Use this set up in Dawn Glare to set it up yourself for practice


Turn 5 – Must match 9 combos and match light orbs – 8 Bombs Created

I’ve tried this one a lot with PAD Prax, a mobile app that is awesome. It replicates your screen when you take a full screen shot of your iPhone or android screen.  You can also set your time limit to 8 seconds to cope with the limitation in this dungeon. 

For this board, the easiest way to combo is to have a bomb tpa on the left and a bomb tpa on the right. A 3 match on the top left or bottom left with a 3 match on the top right or bottom right will make the board smaller for you. Focus on this first then see where your combos are in the middle. If you follow this strategy you will be able to fill in an increasingly smaller board as you combo

Since one orb will be too much, as long as the starting point makes sense, try to start with that one.

Here are two end goal scenarios and my solution in Dawn Glare

Try to minimize moves, but also look to cascades.  In this example I want my TPA of bombs (poisons in Dawn Glare) on the right, but I can also cascade those hearts straight to the bottom and I don’t even have to move them.

If you’d like to try yourself in Dawn Glare use this set up


Turn 6 – Must match 10 combos – Fixed Starting Point

Here’s my set up for getting a 10 combo board without cascades.  Cascades will make it easier of course but there’s nothing quite like getting a ten combo board of satisfaction.

I’m not the best at cascades, but here are some attempts:

attempt 1

attempt 2

If you’d like to try this board in Dawn Glare you can use this set up



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