4 Reasons You Should Be Playing Coop Only in Puzzle & Dragons

4 Reasons You Should Be Playing Coop Only in Puzzle & Dragons

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Cooperative dungeons are here to stay, and in Japan they have just introduced 3 player mode.  There are whole lot of reasons to play coop, but I wanted to touch on the 4 main reasons coop has been an amazing update to me.

1. Saving Stamina

The obvious reason for playing coop is saving stamina.  In the morning before work, I spend all of my stamina on 99 stamina dungeons or spamming metal dragons just to waste stamina.  I realize this is not cost efficient, but I am trying to avoid the push notification that says “your stamina is full!” (it breaks my heart everytime I see it).

If I had the time during the day, I would optimize my stamina much more efficiently by playing coop.  It can definitely benefit every player out there as you have more HP and more awakenings so it is easier to tackle tougher content.

The main drawback to the amount of stamina saved is the amount “wasted” by other players who don’t reach your talent level.  I’ve had my fair share of disappointing runs where I accidentally killed my partner, but some people have had it happen so much to them it discourages them from even playing coop.  I will always recommend knowing the skill level of your partner and not asking or accepting coop runs from people you have never played with, if the dungeon is hard.

I’ve heard stories of people running Ultimate Arena 3 or Colosseum with a random person, and I would never advise this.  I’ve only played Colosseum about 6 times, and 3 of those were coop runs with 2 good PAD friends who I knew were more capable than me.  Running into a tough dungeon and expect your partner to understand as much as you do is foolish and if you’re someone who complains about it, I recommend.

Honestly the main drawback I see in playing coop (which I’ll talk about further in another post) is the time you need to spend waiting for another person to join your room, or the lag time in easy dungeons.  For this reason, I recommend patience as the Coop system is still under a year old.  Obviously Gung-Ho is still working to improve multiplayer functions in Puzzle & Dragons as they did announce 3 player Coop.

2. Using Non Meta Teams More Often

The best part about coop is you can use teams that would otherwise lose in solo mode without assists and use them in more dungeons.

When I first tried taking on Ultimate God Rush Mythical (for Elia skill ups), the preemptive of Zeus Dios jumped up from 20,000 to 30,000 and I had to adjust my teams in solo play.  Since at the time I was using a team that was more glass cannon-y, I had to change the team to bring someone who could minimize the damage from Zeus Dios.  When I entered the same dungeon in coop, my higher HP was above 30,000 naturally so this preemptive was not an issue anymore.

It is this higher HP threshold which brings many more teams “into the meta” and much more viable.  I can use Meridionalis in coop without having to worry about bringing a shield for DQ hera in ultimate arena for example.  Of course Meridionalis is already a top tier leader in terms of damage, but that doesn’t solve her HP issue when dealing with preemptives or annoying 5 turn combo absorbs (stupid Haku).  If I use the same leader in coop, I suddenly have more HP to play around with and I don’t have to worry about it as often (situationally of course)

3. It Makes a Solo Game Into A Social, Friend Building Experience

I have to say that this game has brought me more friends around the world than I could have ever imagined.  I have always been a fan of the internet, but not for connecting with people in other countries until Puzzle & Dragons came around.  I am very fortunate that people around the world have sought me out just for the chance to play a dungeon with me.  I have to say that there are tons of players who are more skilled than me out there who are not as known.

Most people seek me out for advice, and because I love this game I enjoy giving them the opportunity to play end game content.  I have helped carry players through Zaerog Infinity or other hard dungeons that they shouldn’t be tackling yet, just because I love the reaction they have when they see that gold egg drop.  It brings me back to when I defeated Satan Descended for the first time, and it’s a great feeling I don’t get anymore except for super hard dungeons.

I find that I talk more with PAD players than I do with people who I share an office with during the day.  For me, I’m an extremely shy person, and being in front of a video camera has only helped me with that.  But it’s because I’m shy that I am more likely to interact over a topic I care about rather than small talk about the weather with people I might actually encounter in person.

I have played Puzzle and Dragons with people in Venezuela and Japan, and I interact with a lot of European players (mostly because a lot of my streams have occurred during prime time for them).  It is a crazy feeling to not only interact with people in other countries over a game, but it wouldn’t have been possible without coop.  I believe advice can only go so far because some people sought me out for advice, but stopped asking when they got to a certain skill level.  I think that’s totally fine, but some people I have played with are definitely better than me, and still interact with me about PAD, but life in general, because we became friends.  I have coop and PAD to thank for that.  🙂

4. Both Accounts get the Rare Invade if it Happens

Obviously saving stamina allows you to play dungeons more often, and playing the dungeon more often means you have a higher chance of getting that rare invade.  Now that there are monsters who have alternate versions as a rare invade (Another Crusader, Hinomitsura, etc) you can farm these dungeons with less stamina and both parties benefit from the invade.  Bonus points if you have an alternate account you use to farm as you don’t have to get lucky on the invade twice.  I was lucky enough to get Another Crusader on my alternate account, which honestly could be one of my better leaders for that account (man it needs work).

I am very happy when I coop with myself and Dubmythlits appear on Friday as I always seem to need these monsters.

What are some benefits you have seen with coop?  Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook/Instagram page.  As always, check out my YouTube channel where I show my playthroughs of tough dungeons.

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  1. Coop seems fun…unless you dont use any meta teams as people tend to avoid playing when they discover you still run old teams.

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