10 Tips for Planning out Your Over the Board Moves

10 Tips for Planning out Your Over the Board Moves

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My main goal with my website is to help out as many PAD players as possible through as many different mediums. I know for myself I actually prefer learning by reading, and only look for help with videos if I really need to see an example in Over the Board play. It seems weird that I would prefer this method since I have over 400 YouTube videos, but my PAD career actually started out with this website. You can see my old “guides” where I would take screenshots and show situations I was in and how to overcome them with Red Sonia. Yup, you can see how the meta has changed and I talked about how to cope with the changing meta and play styles here

I have many videos about getting rows, TPAS, general combing for rainbow teams, but when it comes to how I approach each board and situation, I wanted to break everything down here in 10 ideas, but board play is of course not limited to these 10.

1. Don’t Rush

Plan your board accordingly and know which orb to start with and which to finish with. If you have 2 dark orbs in one corner, and 1 in another, it might make more sense to start with that 1 dark orb and have it be your last combo.

Which orb would you start with in the below example?  Hint, there is not one single right answer and everyone as a different play style.


I would start with the purple and make green, yellow, and blues on the bottom left, but honestly, this answer depends on what leader, the turn cooldown for the enemy, and many other factors so there isn’t a real answer, just opinions on the best out come for the board.

With any team, you want to see your board in your mind before you start and know what it should end up like. Above, before I wrote down what I thought, I saw it in my head first and knew I wanted the wood orb combo on the bottom left.  Let got me thinking, how do I get there, and which orb should I start with first.  Obviously not a wood orb since I want to get that combo first and move on to the next one.

When I used to play Kushinadahime as my lead, I would spend 2-3 minutes looking at a board to make sure I got 8 combos at least. As we know, not every board has 10 combos, so it’s important to help set up Skyfalls as well, which I will cover in another article.

2. Know your Leader Skills Ahead of Time.

Work on activating the leader skill every time for your best team or the one you are working towards. If you can’t consistently, then you know which subs you need.  If you can’t match a heart cross every time you need to or mess it up, keep working at it and don’t take on higher end content until you can pull it off every time you need to.

This is why if I’m using RaDragon or Lightning, I need to have all the orbs and I will require Dark Kali or Ragnarok Dragon, for example to do so. What I don’t want are cards that change single orbs into another orb, because that skill won’t allow me to activate RaDragon or Lightning to their full potential.


I have seen a lot of rainbow leads use subs like Karin, who creates a full board change with only 3 orb types. This means that you must have a Skyfall in order to activate the leader skill. If you have Karin on your team, you won’t ever need to use her skill and it will actually hurt you more if you do.


Other teams like Xiang Mei require that I have cards that create hearts but my damage comes from fire cards. Therefore, if I have cards like Gigas who removes hearts but makes fires, he helps in one aspect, but gets rid of my edge being my heart orbs. That is why Xiang Mei’s sub pool is so small.  Cards like Uriel and Gadius change orbs into hearts as well as fire and are perfect for what you need.

3. Snaking Orbs

As Dzy calls it, Snake your orbs together. Just because orbs are on opposite sides of the board doesn’t mean you can’t bring them closer together. Work on this key skill and you will be able to manipulate any board to create what you need

4.  Know when to use actives and when to save them

If you’re taking on high end content, I always recommend skilling up your monsters first. Some players have cooped with me and they see how I’m able to always have the orbs I need. It comes down to understanding your actives and trying not to waste them if you don’t need to.

5. Max Level your monsters.

It may seem like a no brainer, but some people ask me why they can’t defeat a dungeon and most of their monsters are level 50. That extra HP and attack and RCV make a huge difference.

6. TPA vs Rows vs Combos

Know whether your team will maximize damage with TPAs, Rows, or just more combos. Most teams at least benefit from a TPA like Awoken Bastet. It would be better to get 6 combos with a TPA than 7 combos without if you have Vishnu on your team.
For Anubis however, sacrificing your 10th combo to get a TPA is not advantageous because you miss out on your x100 if you only get x64.

7.  Use Time Extends to Practice and Ensure Combos

If you’re unsure the best ways to combo, put as many subs with time extends as you can on your team and practice in endless. If you can consistently activate your leader skill, you will most likely be able to clear most mythicals if I’ve sent a team you way for a Box Review.
However, just because you activate a row of dark orbs for Lucifer doesn’t mean you’ll do a ton of damage. The true damage comes with adding combos on top of those rows, and more rows if possible. If you can get a row and 6-8 combos on average, lucifer will wreck any mythical dungeon I can think of that doesn’t require all attributes.

8. When healing, get as many combos as possible.

Sometimes when I coop with people, I tell them to heal. What I usually mean by this is heal by matching the heart orbs that are present, but also continue to match. Even when I was cooping with Shohei on the Official Gung Ho Stream on Twitch, I told him to heal, and I remember his asking “just these 4 hearts?”
In general you want to make sure you match appropriately and know your RCV ahead of time. If you have 10,000/40,000 HP and you know your RCV is 2500, you will only get 2500 more HP if you just match 3 hearts. However, adding 6 combos will multiply that 2500 by 1/4 each combo you get. This is why those combos are important and save lives.

9.  Create the Orbs you Want without using Active Skills

Going along with 8, a lot of people ask me how I seem to make hearts appear all the time, or an orb of my choice. When it comes down to it, it’s simple why some people don’t have hearts on the board.

When you have 3 Hearts on a board and you match all 3, but don’t combo, you have a 1/6 chance that each of the 3 new orbs that come in will be a heart, which are really low odds. If all three come in at once, which is lucky, they will match right then and there and not be available to recover from the enemies next hit.

However, if you, match those 3 hearts and continue matching 6 other combos, you have just cleared 21 orbs, and now there is a much higher chance that all of those orbs that will be flooding in will be a few hearts. Sure, we all get orb trolled, but if you give yourself the best odds, the boards will be favored to what you want.

If you have a leader who is orb hungry, like Neptune Dragon, you will want to try to conserve water orbs when you don’t have enough, or use subs that create water orbs quickly. This is how you get the orbs that you want more often.

10. Focus on Plussing your Monsters

When you master all of these skills, then you will want to focus on max plussing your team and individual cards. If you don’t have the mechanics of 1-9 and the proper team, it doesn’t matter how many pluses you have since it won’t make much of a difference.

I hope these tips gave you some insight into how I see the board.  I’m sure there are more others can come up with to improve your OTB (Over the Board) play and improve your game no matter what mechanic you are trying out.

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  1. “However, adding 6 combos will multiply that 2500 by 1/4 each combo you get.” <— Presumably you mean to say that it will increase the recovery by 1/4 for each additional combo, or equivalently multiply by 5/4; multiplying by 1/4 would decrease your recovery when making combos.

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